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Orchestrating Your Business Sale in Darica

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Fast-tracking Your Business Sale

ExitAdviser is an online, end-to-end FSBO framework that simplifies the cumbersome business selling task into four, fast-forwarded tracks:

  1. Starting with checking your status, where you may want to check the sellability of your business, as well as communicate your decision to important others (friends, family, peers and partners).
  2. Second, being preparing for sale where ExitAdviser’s Business Valuation and Sales Memorandum tools take care of the baseline price, creating your Memorandum of Sale document, and the basic review of your company both internally and externally, as doing business in Darica.
  3. Moving on the most tricky and crucial part — marketing your business for sale, helping to create your sale listing along with a custom Landing Page where it becomes easy for buyers to reach you in Darica. Behind the scenes, ExitAdviser is tied up with Google AdWords, the industry's most efficient advertising platform.
  4. Finally, closing the deal, where negotiations, processing of legal documents, and due diligence takes place.

Your Near-by Advisers in Darica — Get in Touch

Qualified, pre-screened advisers are essential for an effective business sale. The right adviser can have a strong impact on the success and the amount you receive.

Business Brokers

  • StartKredi

Business Valuation Services - Appraisers

  • Nova Real Estate Valuation and Consulting, Inc.

  • Burada Group | Burada Yapı Gayrimenkul

Tax Advisers

  • Steuerberatung / CPA Ahmet Batan


  • Accountant Adem Öztürk

  • Certified Public Accountant Mahmut Ozkan

  • Şener Cengiz Mali Müşavirlik Ofisi

  • SoHo SMMM / CPA (SoHo Serbest Muhasebeci Mali Müşavirlik Ltd. Şti.)

  • Prizma Serbest Muhasebeci Mali Müşavirlik Ltd. Şti.

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Doing Business in Darica

by Teleport.org:

Istanbul, Turkey, features a wide variety of free time activities. According to our city rankings, this is a good place to live with high ratings in housing, cost of living and startups.

Istanbul is one of the top ten city matches for 5.2% of Teleport users.

City Scores

Housing 9/10


Cost of Living 8/10


Startups 7/10


Venture Capital 4/10


Travel Connectivity 6/10


Commute 4/10


Business Freedom 6/10


Safety 5/10


Healthcare 7/10


Education 4/10


Environmental Quality 4/10


Economy 4/10


Taxation 5/10


Internet Access 3/10


Leisure & Culture 10/10


Tolerance 5/10


Outdoors 6/10


Number of months to complete a business sale: 7 (in average)


Recent update:

ExitAdviser is an end-to-end FSBO platform to start selling your company direct to potential buyers. We will ensure that your business located in Darica, Kocaeli, Turkey will get the best exposure before it gets sold. Also we provide the right set of online tools, how-to guides and legal forms to fast-track sale process and reach the best possible price.

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