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Executing Your Own Business Sale in Santa Ana

Welcome! ExitAdviser provides you with a robust FSBO platform to plan, prepare and advertise your business for sale with four easy steps: Check the Status, Prepare for Sale, Go to Market, Close the Deal. Sign up to get started today, or learn how it works to orchestrate your own business sale in Santa Ana.

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Get Your Offer Direct to Market

ExitAdviser is an online framework that simplifies the cumbersome business selling task into 4 simple stages:

  1. Starting with CHECKING YOUR STATUS where you may want to communicate your decision to important others (friends, family, peers and partners).
  2. Second, being PREPARING THE SALE where in ExitAdviser’s Business Valuation and Sales Memorandum tools take care of the baseline price, creating your sales memorandum document, and the basic review of your company both internally and externally, as doing business in Santa Ana.
  3. Moving on the most important and crucial part — MARKETING, helping to create your business-for-sale listing along with a Landing Page where it becomes easy for buyers to reach to you in Santa Ana.
  4. Finally, CLOSING THE DEAL, where negotiations, processing of legal documents and due diligence takes place.

Your Near-by Advisers in Santa Ana — Get in Touch

Qualified, pre-screened advisers are essential for an effective business sale. The right adviser can have a strong impact on the success and the amount you receive.

Business Brokers

  • Orange County Business Broker

  • UBI Business Brokers

  • VR Business Brokers

  • Business Brokers International, Inc.

  • CrossRoads Business Brokers, Inc.

Business Valuation Services - Appraisers

  • Provident Valuation Pros Inc

  • Pro Business Valuations

  • Valuation & Venture Consulting

  • FFG Valuations

  • Business Appraisals

Tax Advisers

  • Pacifica Wealth Advisors - Investment Management | Financial Planning | Tax Strategy

  • NCH Tax & Wealth Advisors

  • Carlson Advisors, LLP

  • Vertical Advisors LLP

  • HMWC CPAs & Business Advisors


  • CNY Accountants & Consultants

  • Onisko & Scholz, LLP Certified Public Accountants

  • Moss Adams LLP: Armstrong Bill

  • Moss Adams LLP: De Graaf Kyle

  • Moss Adams LLP: Gardner Shannan

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Doing Business in Santa Ana

by Teleport.org:

Los Angeles is a sprawling city of 500 square miles and the heart of a metropolitan area with 18 million residents. It is a fabled California region, home to Hollywood and America's entertainment industry with year-round sunshine, world-famous beaches, and an intense car culture. The "City of Angels" is a magnet to people from around the world and a uniquely exciting environment.

Los Angeles is one of the top ten city matches for 11.9% of Teleport users.

City Scores

Housing 2/10


Cost of Living 4/10


Startups 10/10


Venture Capital 10/10


Travel Connectivity 4/10


Commute 4/10


Business Freedom 9/10


Safety 6/10


Healthcare 6/10


Education 9/10


Environmental Quality 5/10


Economy 7/10


Taxation 5/10


Internet Access 7/10


Leisure & Culture 9/10


Tolerance 7/10


Outdoors 7/10


Number of months to complete a business sale: 4 (in average)


Recent update:

ExitAdviser is an end-to-end platform to start selling direct to potential buyers. We will ensure that your business located in Santa Ana, California will get the best exposure before it gets sold. Also we provide the right set of online tools, guides and document forms to fast-track your business sale process and reach the best possible outcome for you.

Number of potential buyers for your business located in Santa Ana: 29 (statistical estimation)

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