Executing Your Business Sale in 4 Steps

ExitAdviser is a comprehensive, end-to-end online service to execute your business sale in 4 well-organized, manageable stages.

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For a single one-off fee, you'll have full access to the online tools, legal templates and checklists, a site-wide scheduling and task-management framework, your custom Landing Page, a 12-month business for sale listing along with a package of Google AdWords clicks, and all the resources you need.

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1. Check the Status

Joseph Blygges, a former business owner explains how he sold his business with ExitAdviser.

This is mainly about you, your preferences, your business, and the needs of important others in your life.

  • Are you ready?
  • Is your business prepared?
  • How much money do you need to realize from the sale?

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2. Prepare for Sale

Here's where the key Tools on ExitAdviser come to the fore.

The Business Valuation Tool uses the tried-and-tested Discounted Cash Flow method to bring a more objective approach to business valuation and provides a benchmark for comparison with other methods, helping you to defend your Asking Price with prospective buyers.

In parallel, the Sales Memorandum Tool brings focus to the key information that all serious potential buyers will want to know. When writing this concise Sales Memorandum document, you automatically populate fields within the Landing Page for your own Google Search Network advertising campaign.

It's here where you also check the readiness of your business, assess external market conditions, and decide whether to plan for short term changes to enhance business value.

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3. Go-to-Market

ExitAdviser gets your offer direct to market with the Go-to-Market Tool. It launches your exclusive advertising campaign on the Google Search, which will lead buyers directly and discreetly to your Landing Page at ExitAdviser.

We use Google AdWords platform to place your offer directly in front of potential buyers (i.e., when they search businesses for sale). This is the most efficient way to address prospective buyers because Google Search is the place buyers tend to go first.

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Included with the service, your business will be listed on ExitAdviser's busy businesses for sale Marketplace, visited by hundreds of buyers each day.

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4. Close the Deal

At the final stage of the sale, it's the detail that counts. It's advised to use the expert services of an Attorney. If you need to identify one, then try using ExitAdviser's Find a Lawyer tool or talk to Advisers near you.

You'll require a commitment in principle from the preferred buyer, typically a Letter of Intent or Terms Agreement. Following buyer Due Diligence and detailed negotiations on price for an Asset or Stock sale obtaining signatures on a Business Sale Agreement is the target outcome for both parties. ExitAdviser provides a full set of sample legal templates and forms for your reference.

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