Online Tools

Provided with the service is a comprehensive set of online tools. Check out the list below. Complementarily, at any place on ExitAdviser, the site-wide scheduling framework provides a note-taking facility, so that important actions can be logged with a checkbox to confirm completion.

Business Valuation Tool

What is the value of your company? How to price a business? Make use of the online business valuation tool to calculate the worth of your business.

Sales Memorandum Tool

A Sales Memorandum document is used by sellers to communicate key information about the business to prospective buyers. Use this online tool as a checklist to express your value proposition.

Sellability Adviser

This tool lets you determine the sellability of your business. You can rate the 7 most important aspects of your business such as its current status and future potential. After you’ve submitted these ratings, the Sellability Adviser tool will give you a Sellability Score as well as suggestions on which key aspects of your business need to be improved.

Talk to Advisers Near You

Build your team by finding the right advisers near you: Business Brokers, Accountants, Tax Specialists, Business Laywers, Appraisers, Financial Advisers..

Business Broker Appraiser Tax Adviser Business Lawyer Accountant Financial Adviser Retirement Advisor

Go-to-Market Tool

Get your business listing and Landing Page right in front of potential buyers. It only takes a few clicks to get your targeted advertising campaign on Google Search pages under way.

Owner's Tools and Dashboard

Tools are at the heart of ExitAdviser. They are concise and user-friendly even when accessing the website through your tablet or smartphone while on the move. The three core tools are the Business Valuation Tool, Sales Memorandum Tool, and Go-to-Market Tool.

At any place on ExitAdviser, the site-wide Scheduler Tool provides a note-taking facility, so that important actions can be logged as you think of them, with a tick-box to confirm completion.

Dashboards are excellent for displaying key management information. Owner's Dashboard makes it easy to track the progress of your sales campaign as well as the current status of key tools.

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