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Orchestrate your own business sale with ExitAdviser, the online support service that guides you through the selling process in a series of simple, easy-to-follow steps.

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Run your own, personalized Google Adwords online marketing campaign, implemented in minutes.

Designed by experienced Business Advisers, ExitAdviser provides a wealth of knowledge, intuitive online tools, expert articles, document templates and other resources that help to maximize your business sale value.

Using the latest cloud-based techniques you can progress your business sale actions through your smart phone or tablet whilst on the move.

Maximize your selling price with this one-stop-shop, online self-service solution in four easy stages (see below).

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Access the tools, knowledge and resources you need to get your business ready to sell: Business Valuation Tool, Sale Memorandum Tool, Go-to Market Tool, legal document forms and templates: Business Sale Agreement, Letter of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Bill of Sale, and much more.

These Premium resources are provided, for as long as you need them, for a single one-off payment

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1. Checking the status

Is your business prepared? Does it look attractive to buyers? Have you done all you can? It's all about valuation and how to maximise the worth of your company.

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2. Preparing the sale

Time is money, so don't waste it. ExitAdviser helps you to efficiently structure your time. Set up your schedule and get started with preparing your company for sale. Learn more
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3. Going to market

What is your offer to the market? Is your Landing Page attractive? And how do you make it stand out from others? Exit Adviser helps you attract the right buyers with the right message. Learn more
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4. Closing the deal

Give yourself the best chance at the negotiating table using key tips and pointers. Be legally compliant and avoid last minute pitfalls in Due Diligence. Learn from the mistakes of others. Learn more

Key online Tools

Access the key online tools to value your business, produce a Sale Memorandum, set up your custom Landing Page and run your own advertising campaign on the Google search network.

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Online Business Valuation Tool

What is the value of your business? Make use of our business valuation tool to calculate your Asking Price. The tool uses Discounted Cash Flow, the generally accepted method for pricing businesses.

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Sale Memorandum Tool

A Sale Memorandum is used by sellers to communicate key information about the business to prospective buyers. Use this tool as a checklist covering the main points.

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Go to Market Tool

Get your business listing and Landing Page in front of thousands of potential buyers. When you’re ready to go, it only takes a few clicks to get your targeted advertising campaign under way.

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  • Online tools to value your business, schedule your tasks, produce your Sale Memorandum and find a lawyer.

  • Plenty of guidance from lively Knowledge Pieces and subject Articles to help you avoid costly mistakes and minimize risks

  • Example legal document Templates to help move the sale forward

  • Set your business apart with your own Google Adwords marketing campaign. Just click "Start" to immediately activate your online sale campaign

  • Use on the move through the cloud on smart phones and tablet devices

  • Secure, confidential cloud-based storage and access to your business information

  • Single one-off payment saves expensive broker fees and may qualify as a business expense

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