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2-Month Plan

Test the waters

one-off fee

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Included is a starter package of ad clicks

5-Month Plan

Hit the ground running

one-off fee

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Included is a package of ad clicks worth $50

7-Month Plan

Get the job done

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Included is a package of ad clicks worth $100

Every plan includes the following features:

Preparing for Sale

Going to Market & Closing the Deal

 Docs & Tools Package

This package includes document templates and online tools provided by ExitAdviser.

For a $49 (one-off) fee, you will get access to all legal templates, document forms and online tools for 6 months. Forms and templates can be downloaded and used off-line without any time limit. This plan does not include go-to-market services such as advertising your sale listing, nor does it provide email support.

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Alternatively, document templates can be purchased individially. Check out the collection of files.

Renewals, optional service items

  • The one-off subscription fee is valid for the selected plan's time period, with no recurring charges, and no auto-renewals. When your initial subscription expires, you may renew it for another term.
  • Google AdWords click packages can be purchased at any time, to keep your advertising campaign funded.


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