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ExitAdviser is an efficient FSBO (For Sale by Owner) service helping small business owners to plan, prepare and execute their business sale. The service leads you through a series of steps to make it easier for you to orchestrate the sale process yourself, thereby avoiding expensive brokerage fees.

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Designed by experienced Business Advisers, ExitAdviser uses the most effective, leading-edge online resources and techniques to maximize the chance that your business will realize its maximum value.

A wealth of intuitive, clear information and resources, in one place, to get the job done!

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Our Value Proposition

  • ExitAdviser provides you a well-structured business sale process to decide, prepare, advertise, and close the deal.

  • No broker fees, no recurring payments. Sign up for a single, one-off payment.

  • Key online tools to value your company, produce your Sales Memorandum, and schedule the tasks.

  • Efficient go-to-market platform to address buyers directly by running your own advertising campaign on Google Search.

  • Sample legal forms, templates, and checklists to prepare your sale documents. Files can be downloaded and used off-line without any time limit.

  • Build your support team by locating advisers such as Tax Advisers, Business Lawyers and Financial Advisers near you.

  • Plenty of guidance from lively How-to guides and subject articles to help you avoid mistakes and minimize risks.

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Thank you for your interest in ExitAdviser, a digital FSBO platform. We do our best to keep our service reliable, responsive, and user friendly. If you have a question that is not addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions section or have a valuable comment or suggestion, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

We've set up this website for easy use on smartphones and tablet devices so you can fit your business sale activities around your busy schedule. Your feedback and suggestions enable us to design valuable new tools and features to make selling your business even easier.

Armin Laidre at ExitAdviser.com

Armin Laidre, CTO

Digital marketing made easy

Besides word-of-mouth and overcrowded business-for-sale marketplaces, where else can you go to sell your business? I've been in digital marketing long enough to know that a simple-to-use, online service is your best bet for getting in front of potential buyers. It is our firm belief that ExitAdviser is the most efficient way to prepare and promote your business directly to prospective buyers. Questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch anytime.

Daniel Rivera, Chief Marketing Officer at ExitAdviser.com

Daniel Rivera, CMO