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This company sells or rents indoor tropical plants and decorative containers to commercial clients and then provides the weekly on-going plant maintenance. The business enjoys the best of both commercial worlds: sales and on-going service. Currently, there are 130+ customers paying monthly fees. These include corporate offices and lobbies, hospitals, car dealerships, government buildings, and many more.

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Type of business: indoor plants, plants

The start-up business risk is not relevant because the company has successfully operated since 1982. The business has been through 3 recessions and although it did lose some clients, the business always remained solid and recession-resistant. The Owners have had a relaxed attitude towards growth, relying on referrals, an excellent reputation, and a $220/month Google AdWords account for new clients. Even with this relaxed attitude, the business grew 11% in gross income and 20% in net income in 2015. Someone who is younger and willing to have a marketing program and an enthusiasm for sales could make loads of money. Growth potential is unlimited in a SF economy where the demand for plants far exceeds the supply. Plant care is resistant to technology change.

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A copy of the extensive DCF Valuation will be provided to serious, qualified buyers. 2015 Gross Revenue of $571,222 (11.4% annual increase) and 2015 Net Revenue of $197,480 (20.3% annual increase).

Reason for selling

The Owners are retiring.

Required buyer qualifications

Qualified buyers must demonstrate the ability to purchase. No seller carry back.

The website address will be provided to serious, qualified buyers after they submit a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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San Francisco, California, US

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