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Orchestrating Your Own Business Sale

ExitAdviser is a comprehensive, end-to-end platform to plan, prepare and advertise a small business for sale. You will be provided with professional online tools, legal templates and checklists, access to advisers near you, and the industry's most efficient route-to-market framework.

Selling your business with ExitAdviser:

Plans and Pricing

Get Your Offer Direct to Market

  • Well-structured, end-to-end framework to plan, prepare, promote, and close the deal.

  • No broker fees, no recurring payments. Sign up for a one-off, all-inclusive fee.

  • Key online tools to determine the sellability, and value of your business, produce a Sales Memorandum, and schedule the tasks.

  • Efficient go-to-market platform to address buyers directly by running your own advertising campaign on Google Search.

  • Sample legal forms, templates, and checklists to prepare your sale documents.

  • Build your support team by quickly locating advisers such as Tax Advisers and Business Lawyers near you.

  • Plenty of guidance from lively How-to guides and subject articles to help you avoid costly mistakes and minimize risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Owner's Toolbox

Access key online tools to appraise your business, publish a Sales Memorandum, set up your Landing Page, and run your own advertising campaign on the Google search network.

Business valuation tool - screenshot

Business Valuation Tool

What is the value of your business? Make use of ExitAdviser's Business Valuation Tool to calculate your Asking Price. The tool uses Discounted Cash Flow, the generally accepted method for pricing businesses.

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Sales memorandum tool - screenshot

Sales Memorandum Tool

A Sales Memorandum is used by sellers to communicate key information about the business to prospective buyers. Use this tool as a checklist covering the main points.

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Go-to-Market Tool - screenshot

Go-to-Market Tool

Get your Landing Page in front of potential buyers searching businesses for sale like yours. When you’re ready to go, it only takes a few clicks to get your targeted advertising campaign under way.

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Online FSBO Platform to Market a Small Business for Sale

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1. Checking the status

Is your business prepared? Does it look attractive? Have you done all you can? It's all about sellability, and how to maximize the worth of your company.

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2. Preparing for sale

Time is money, so don't waste it. ExitAdviser helps you to efficiently structure your time. Set up your schedule and get started with preparing your business for sale. Learn more
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3. Going to market

What is your offer to the market? Is your Landing Page attractive? And how do you make it stand out from the others? Exit Adviser helps you attract the right buyers with the right message. Learn more
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4. Closing the deal

Give yourself the best chance at the negotiating table using key tips and pointers. Be legally compliant and avoid last minute pitfalls in Due Diligence. Learn from the mistakes of others. Learn more

For Buyers

Browse or search recent businesses listed for sale by owners. Find and buy a profitable business near you.

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