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Checking the Status

Buy-Sell Agreement Template

A buy-sell agreement, or a buyout agreement, is a common contract between owners of a business. It is used for the sale of an Owner’s shares in a variety of situations: death, retirement, bankruptcy, unresolved conflicts with other owners, etc.

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Advisory and Consulting Agreement Template

An advisory and consulting contract outlines the scope of the work, payment schedules, and deadlines when hiring an independent consultant or advisor. This sample template includes a confidentiality clause, indemnification clause, insurance expectations, as well as other key provisions designed to get the job done and protect you and your business.

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Pre-Sale Checklist

After you've decided to sell your business, it is important to give attention to the details that support your asking price. This is an organized list of items that are relevant from a potential buyer's standpoint.

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Communication Plan Template

When selling a business, a clear communication plan is essential to control the release of information regarding your sale. Use this letter template to communicate the sale of your business to employees, partners, and other stakeholders.

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Preparing for Sale

Business Broker Agreement

This is a complete business broker engagement contract to list a business for sale. The agreement includes the interests of both parties to foster a win-win deal between a business owner and a business brokerage. Use this template to draft your own agreement.

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Business Valuation Template

This open-source MS Excel worksheet utilizes DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) – a widely accepted method among appraisers to calculate the value of a profitable company. Use this free spreadsheet template to get an idea of how to price your business.

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Sales Memorandum Template

When selling a business, the sales memorandum is a document that owners prepare to introduce the core values of their company to potential buyers. It is also known as the memorandum of sale.

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Complete Due Diligence Checklist

This buying-a-business checklist provides a comprehensive set of terms and conditions that both parties should consider, as well as types of documentation the seller should prepare.

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Due Diligence Checklist for Selling-Buying a Sole Proprietorship

The sole proprietorship due diligence checklist serves two purposes: to provide a complete set of possible terms and conditions of the deal, and to show the types of documentation the seller should begin preparing for the review.

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Due Diligence Checklist for Selling-Buying a Business

This is a general-purpose checklist of terms and questions that need to be addressed in the course of due diligence; i.e., the process of checking everything before selling-buying a business.

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Going to Market

Business Sale Presentation Template

This is a sample PowerPoint template to help you prepare a presentation for your business sale. It has 7 slides for expressing the key values of the company. Feel free to download it; then update the file and create your very own version.

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Closing the Deal

Non-Competition Agreement

The purpose of a business-to-business non-compete, non-solicitation contract is to restrict the seller from entering into a business which will compete with the buyer after the sale for a specified period of time, thus protecting the buyer’s post-closing interests.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

When selling or buying a business, use a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement (CA) with buyer prospects to keep control of your proprietary information. It helps you protect your business secrets such as customer data and pricing.

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Letter of Intent Template to Buy a Sole Proprietorship

If your intention is to buy a sole-proprietor business, then use this template to write your letter of intent to the seller. This is also known as an offer to purchase a business or proposal to buy a business.

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Letter of Intent Template to Buy a Limited Liability Company

When you're negotiating the sale of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), use a letter of intent (proposal). The purpose of this document is to facilitate the start of a deal so that the buyer and seller understand the key business and contractual terms involved.

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Letter of Intent Template to Purchase a Business

A letter of intent is provided by the buyer after an initial period of negotiation. This forms the starting point for due diligence, and eventually a legally binding business sale agreement. Use this template to draft your own proposal to purchase a business.

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Term Sheet Template

A term sheet establishes general terms for a buy-sell agreement on a business sale. This is also known as letter of intent, proposal to buy a business or purchase offer.

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Complete Term Sheet Template

A term sheet is a nonbinding agreement setting forth the terms and conditions (15) under which a business sale deal will be made. It serves as a template to develop a more detailed and binding legal contract.

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Business Sale Agreement Template – Sole Proprietorship

When it's time to sell your sole proprietorship or partnership, a business sale agreement sets the terms of the sale, including the purchase price and the closing details. Use this template to draft your own contract.

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Business Sale Agreement for Selling a LLC

When it's time to sell or transfer the ownership of your Limited Liability Company (LLC), a business sale agreement sets the terms of the deal, such as price, payment terms, and the closing details.

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Stock Sale Agreement Template

A stock sale agreement defines the terms of a business sale where the transaction involves the shares (stock) of the company. This includes the purchase price, closing details, payment, and other key terms of the transaction.

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Sale of Business Assets Agreement

What if you want to sell your company's assets but not the entire business as an entity? This is a contract template for the sale of assets, both tangible and intangible, of a company. A non-compete clause is also included.

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Business Gift Agreement for a Sole Proprietor

This type of agreement is typically used when you would like to turn over control of your [sole proprietor] business to someone else, usually your child or other close family member when you’re ready to retire.

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Business Gift Agreement (LLC or Corporation)

This business gift agreement is meant for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a corporation. It is typically used when you would like to turn over control of your business to someone else.

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Business Lease Agreement

A business lease agreement with an option to purchase (rent to own) is used when you would like to turn over control of your business to someone else, but aren’t quite ready to go through with a full sale agreement.

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Assignment of Lease

When you sell a business, any existing lease for office space, storage, or storefront must also change hands. Use this form to prepare an assignment of lease agreement.

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Business Seller Financing Agreement

In some cases the buyer of a business may not have all the capital required to pay the full purchase price. An option to solve this problem is seller financing (owner financing). This is a loan the business seller makes to the buyer to facilitate the sale.

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Secured Promissory Note

Selling a business with seller financing: the promissory note is the instrument that lays out the exact terms of a loan including security, repayment, interest rate, and penalties.

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Bill of Sale Template

When closing a business sale, a bill of sale is the document that explicitly transfers ownership of the business assets or shares (stock) and acts as a receipt for the transaction. Use this template to draft your own bill of sale.

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Asset Sale Closing Checklist

When closing your business sale, you and the buyer should agree on a closing checklist so you know that all bases are covered. The items on an asset sale checklist will vary on a case-by-case basis.

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Entity Sale Closing Checklist

If you’re selling your LLC or corporation as a business entity, you’ll need to transfer the entity to the buyer at closing. Use this master checklist as a foundation to compile your own list for closing.

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Employment Agreement

This is a sample employment agreement that contains all of the important provisions a company or employee might want in their contract. Covered are full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal employment types.

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