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Asset Sale Closing Checklist

Maria S Georges
by Maria S Georges, LLM

When closing your business sale, you (the seller) and the buyer should agree on a closing checklist so you both know that all of the bases are covered.


The items on an asset sale checklist will vary from business to business. And, presumably many items are already addressed in the Business Sale Agreement.

You'll find a sample "master checklist" below, to give you a foundation to compile your own unique list for closing.


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Items to Check Checked

Bill of Sale

Security/Financing Agreement

Promissory Note

Cashier's Check

Asset Acquisition Statement (Form 8594)

UCC1 Financing Statement

Consent of Business Owners to Sale of Assets

Certificates of Insurance

Title Insurance Commitment

Assignment of Lease

Assignment of Contracts

Assignment of Intellectual Property

Customer Lists

Supplier Lists

Trade Secrets

Employment Contracts

Consulting/Advisory Contracts

Covenant Not to Compete

Vehicle Transfer Documents

License Transfer Documents

Real Estate Transfer Documents

Keys to Premises

Security Alarm Codes

Computer Access Codes

Application Administration Access Codes (Login Credentials)

Website(s) Access Credentials

Keys to File Cabinets

Keys to Vehicles

Safe Combinations

Mortgage or Deed of Trust

Escrow Agreement for Post-closing Adjustments

Statement Regarding Absence of Creditors

Powers of Attorney for Absent Signers

Assumed Business Name [Change] Certificate

[New] Signature Cards for Bank Accounts

Name Change Documents for Utility Bills

Owner's Manuals for Office Equipment

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Asset Sale Closing Checklist
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