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We welcome well-written and unique posts on topics such as selling a business, preparing a business for sale, valuing a business, advertising a business for sale, and related.

You will share your knowledge or experience – for example, how you sold your own business, with hundreds of business people visiting ExitAdviser.com each day.

Your article must be written with our audience in mind − small business owners in English-speaking countries.

Minimal content-length: 1100 words. Ideally, you will make it 1500+ words in order to get the best possible SERPs. However, over-stretched or verbose content will be disapproved.

Your article must be unique (i.e., not published elsewhere) and distinct from how-to guides already posted on ExitAdviser.

One client link per article is allowed, however, you may include links to non-commercial, informational (such as Wikipedia), government agencies, or to other articles on ExitAdviser.com. These links must be beneficial and natural, 100% relevant to the audience and content. Also we allow author’s Bio links; these must be to the author’s website, social media profile, Twitter handle, or blog. The link(s) will be dofollow and permanent. 

If feasible, you will include facts, research, sources or personal anecdotes to substantiate your insights, information and arguments with non-commercial links to high authority sites.

It is recommended to add a YouTube video, if available. No images please (unless they're highly informative and with proper copyright attribution).

We expect you to provide a clear takeaway or learning for our readers (what is, how-to, etc).

You will use headings, subheadings and numbered lists/bullets to structure your article.

We will not accept direct advertising of any kind, nor do we tolerate spammy links, content that is too general and/or not relevant to our topics, or provides no intellectual value for our audience.

You will not use keyword stuffing or "optimization" of any kind. The content shall be natural, professionally written, and intelligent.

It is free to publish a guest post on ExitAdviser, given that above conditions are met.

We won't show/mark your article as a guest post or sponsored post.

Your post will be permanent.

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