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Included Features

Preparing for Sale

  • Sellability Advisor

    Sellability Advisor™ is an interactive tool that lets you score the sellability of your business and provides you with suggestions on key value-adding aspects.

  • Business Valuation

    An easy-to-use valuation tool to come up with a rationally calculated asking price. Provided is a complete Business Valuation Report to download.

  • Sales Memorandum

    A handy sales memorandum tool to highlight your offer's key value propositions. Serious buyers will be interested in details, so you can keep your Sales Memorandum updated.

  • Sales Documents

    An end-to-end collection of sales documents: agreement templates, contracts, form letters, and checklists to download (30+ files). View the full collection here..

  • Task-management

    A robust 4-step process with a built-in task management framework and Seller Dashboard.

  • Support

    E-mail support from your account manager at ExitAdviser | Ashburn

    Build your own support team. Talk to nearby advisors such as tax attorneys, business brokers, and retirement advisors.

Addressing Buyers and Closing the Deal

  • NEW!  Sell Your Business Dicretely and Confidentially

    ExitAdviser's Pitch-to-Brokers tool lets you sell your business quietly and confidentially. Nearby brokers will receive your sale offer in the form of a confidential, hardcopy letter that is impossible to ignore...

  • Your Sale Listing and Landing Page

    Included with all plans is your featured sale listing on the Marketplace, visited by hundreds of business opportunity seekers each day. Photos, presentations and financials can be uploaded easily. View a sample landing page.
    Complementarily, a summary of your offer is posted to ExitAdviser's shopping windows at Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Google Ads

    ExitAdviser's Go-to-Market tool manages your advertising campaign via the Google Ads platform to bypass competing offers and talk to prospects directly. Included with the STANDARD plan is a prepaid package of 30 Google Ad clicks (worth $60). With every plan, you can always buy click-packages to keep your campaign well-fueled (view the Optional Services and Renewals section below).

  • Closing Documents

    You will be provided with a complete set of closing documents such as Letter of Intent, Business Sale Agreement, Due Diligence Checklist, Seller Financing, etc. View the full set here..

  • Advisors Near You

    Connect with prescreened professionals such as financial advisors, tax attorneys, and business lawyers near you Talk-to-Advisors tool.

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The services are rendered for a single, one-time fee. There are no monthly charges, and no auto-renewals. When your initial service period expires, you may renew it for another term.

We provide a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. See more at FAQs

Optional Services and Renewals


  • Document templates can be purchased individually. Check out the collection.
  • Google Ads click packages can be purchased with all plans.

For Business Brokers

ExitAdviser's BrokerBoard™ is a listings management platform for brokers, realtors, and advisors. The service comes with a comprehensive set of valuation and selling tools, plus an end-to-end collection of legal forms and templates (30+ documents). Check the plans below. Or read more about the BrokerBoard platform.

BrokerBoard S
A service to manage up to 7 business-for-sale listings

BrokerBoard M
A service to manage up to 15 listings

BrokerBoard L
A service to manage up to 30 listings

Payments: month-by-month. No minimum subscription. Cancel/renew at any time.

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

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