Online Business-Selling Tools

Provided with the service is a comprehensive set of online business-selling tools. Complementarily, the site-wide task-management and scheduling frameworks provides you a note-taking facility, so that important actions can be logged with a checkbox to confirm completion.

Tool image for Business Valuation Calculator | ExitAdviser

Business Valuation Tool

How should you price your business? Use this online tool to calculate the value of your business and come up with a well-reasoned asking price. Tree trial available.

Tool image for Sales Memorandum Tool | ExitAdviser

Sales Memorandum Tool

A Sales Memorandum document is used by sellers to communicate key information about the business to prospective buyers. Use this online tool as a checklist to express your value proposition.

Tool image for Is Your Business Sellable - Online Sellability Advisor

Sellability Advisor Tool

Sellability Advisor Tool™ lets you evaluate how saleable your business is. You can rate the 7 most important aspects of your business such as its current status and future potential. After you’ve submitted these ratings, the tool will return you a Sellability Score, as well as suggestions on which key aspects of your business need to be improved and how.

Tool image for Get Advice on Selling a Business

Talk to Advisors Near You

Find advisors near you. ExitAdviser helps you to locate professionals such as business brokers, lawyers, and appraisers.

Business Broker | Appraiser | Tax Attorney | Marketer | Business Lawyer | Accountant | Financial Advisor | Retirement Advisor | Business Mentor (SCORE)

Tool image for Start Your Advertising Campaign with the Go-To-Market Tool

Go-to-Market Tool

Get your business-for-sale listing right in front of potential buyers. It only takes a few clicks to get your targeted advertising campaign on Google Search underway.