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Get your sale offer in front of buyers. It only takes a few clicks to get your ad campaign underway. Your listing is advertised on Google Search and powered by Google Ads.

This tool belongs to ExitAdviser's FSBO platform to sell a business by owner.

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Carpet Cleaning Business for Sale in Albany


Business category: for example, "restaurant", "carpet cleaning". The category is a key element to bring forward your sale listing and enable PPC advertising.

Business main location

What the business does

Briefly describe the main purpose of your business and the sector in which it operates. NB! This section is required in order to get your sale listing ready to go.

Asking price

Type your asking price or price range. Leave it blank if you prefer people to get in touch for a quote.

Or insert the value from the business valuation tool ($310,000)

Comment on asking price

Add further comments (if any) on the asking price

Owner financing

Owner financing is a solution where instead of getting the funding from a bank or other finance provider, the buyer borrows all or part of the sale price from you - the seller. Tick this box if you are willing to consider owner financing.

Owner financing terms

Add any details/terms about your owner financing option (if any). These details/terms could include the loan amount or percentage of the purchase price, term length in years, interest rate, and repayment schedule (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

Why the business is an attractive proposition to a buyer

It’s important here to be persuasive. You must highlight the positive reasons as to why a buyer would want to purchase your business. Do this by describing its strengths, key values, and potential for future growth.

Key financial facts and forecast

Business financial strength is of vital concern to potential buyers. Describe your company's financial position by providing facts about past performance, and where it's heading next (forecast income statement for the next 3 to 5 years). Shortly describe your business's debt vs equity position.

Company website

Enter the URL address of your website. Leave blank if there's none, or you do not want to reveal it.

Reason for selling

Your reason for selling; make is short. Be careful not to appear too desperate to sell. Avoid any mention of negative reasons for selling-up and moving on.

Required buyer qualifications

In considering a prospective buyer, what are the minimum qualifications they need to have, if any? Clearly state the buyer criteria here that is acceptable to you, such as prior experience and available finances. This can help significantly reduce applications submitted by time-wasters.


Important: Do not upload images without permission or which infringe on someone else's copyright.


Insert your video URL (YouTube) in the textbox below.


You can upload files such as presentations, spreadsheets and financial reports to be downloaded from your landing page.


Advertising with Google Search Ads

In order to set your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaign up and running with Google Ads, click START. Click PAUSE to stop the campaign.

Campaign status:


Location targeting allows your advert to appear in the geographic location that you choose: country, state, or around your city.

How does it work?

Your landing page is advertised on Google Search by displaying text ads (as pictured below) . The tool displays your ad on top of natural search results when buyers search for businesses for sale in the targeted area (i.e., your country, state or around your city).

A business-for-sale advert on Google

This tool works in conjunction with Google Ads, the most efficient online advertising service with a near 80% market share.

Advertising/clicks budget

Your advertising budget is expressed in terms of clicks; that is, leads to your landing page. An initial amount of clicks is credited to your "clicks budget" when you sign-up to ExitAdviser’s service. The actual number of ad clicks are monitored on a daily basis and are deducted from the balance in your clicks budget. When your clicks budget gets low, just buy more clicks.

The keywords targeted are automatically selected according to the business category and location information you’ve provided. These keywords are matched up with actual search keywords to generate clicks on the ad and visits to your landing page.

About confidentiality

Confidentiality is of utmost importance when selling a business. With the assistance of this tool, you will publish a "blind" listing (i.e., your landing page) that camouflages your identity by describing attributes without revealing facts that buyers or competitors can link specifically to your business. It’s your own choice (and responsibility!) to decide what to communicate to the market. You will choose whether to make your Sales Memorandum available on the landing page and what information to include on it.


Important information, please read carefully before using this tool.

The Go-to-Market Tool is intended to kick off your business sale with an initial allocation of prepaid ad clicks arising from Google searches. There is no guarantee that your advertising campaign with ExitAdviser will lead to buyer click-throughs, inquiries, or a business sale. If you wish further exposure for your business sale, ExitAdviser recommends that you consider other options; for example, online business-for-sale marketplaces or local advertising. ExitAdviser takes no responsibility for the content in your Sales Memorandum or on your landing page. You are strongly recommended to double check the accuracy and suitability of information on your landing page before triggering your marketing campaign.

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