Tips to Effectively Write Content for Business-for-Sale Ads

Building a valuable company isn’t that easy, neither is advertising your products or services. However, selling your business at a good price is the most difficult task as it requires as many efforts as you had to put while building the worth of it. Most business owners, when preparing their company for sale, begin advertising about them over different platforms to reach the maximum of the audience aiming to get a healthy price in exchange.

However, the business owners are not clear about how to advertise their company so that more people show interest in buying and one of them end up buying it. Content for a business-for-sale advertisement has to be precise, detailed, and attractive. Basically, an answer to all the "whys". Why is your company this expensive? Why should someone buy your business? Why are you even selling it? Et cetera.

Here are the tips to effectively write content for your business-for-sale advertisement. While writing content for these type of ads remember that if the buyers notice a loophole or things jumbled-up even one per cent, they will drop the plan of buying your business. Therefore, always be precise while preparing content for the ad.

Talk about benefits

The first why, why should someone spend money buying your business when they can build one independently? You need to think like a buyer here. Talk about the benefits of buying your business. You spent so many years building your company and now if because of some reason, you have to sell it, then no one better than you know how your company can be of benefit to the other person.

Talk about how well the name of the company has been established and that how the other person does not have to start from scratch to build the company. You can also talk about other benefits like the Google ranking, immediate cash flow, a strong financial history (making it easy to apply for loans), acquiring existing customers, stakeholders and staff, are some among other reasons.

Tell your news (your achievements)

All these years, you put a lot of hard work while building your company brand in the market. Be vocal about your achievements that you were able to receive with all year’s hard work and passion. This gives a reason for the buyers to give it a thought on buying the business as they get convinced about the designation of your brand in the market.

Your achievements can be having a client who is well-known in the market, being associated with a celebrity, holding a kickass event that creating a talk in the market or the highest monthly worth of your brand etc.

Make an offer they can't refuse

I am an Indian and we Indians are known for saving money, and miser behavior but for a fact now I know everyone around is a "stingy with money" sort of person. People love offers as it gives them a feeling of "getting the thing in a less amount" rather than paying the original amount. Therefore, make an offer that your buyers cannot refuse.

The trend of start-ups is increasing with each passing day and offers on those businesses become cherry-on-the-top. You can offer an overall price drop on your business-for-sale advertisement content or something complimentary with the offer depending upon what forte of your business.

The other day I saw a business-for-sale advertisement that was offering the brand at a lower cost along with the original office area of the company (with additional price). This was one of a good trick; having brand name plus the original office makes it way easier for a person to get immediate cash flow, clients and minimal stress of explaining the new address, in case, to all the previous clients.

Grab their attention

As a buyer who recently saw an advertisement, I would not even look at the detailed content you provided no matter how much it took you to frame it if the headline of your ad would not attract me.

Here I would like to quote David Ogilvy who is known for his great advertising skills in history. He said "On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar".

As I said earlier, no matter how much effort you put into finding the suitable content for the advertisement but one will not read it if the headline or the introductory content will not be as attractive as anything.

To be specific, we all receive emails about random things like university admissions, jobs, career options etc. I don’t open them until the title of the mail is attractive or as useful to me. So happens in case of advertisements, people won’t look at your content unless or until the head of the ad is "of interest" to people.

Do indirect selling - Usage of words like grab the offer before the valid date

Direct selling is not a thing in the current times. People like when someone makes extra efforts to sell their product to them; however, this is not practically possible for a person. Therefore, try and do indirect selling.

This is not a technique but is done through the usage of effective words only. Directly selling your product cannot be as effective to the people as indirect selling is. Indirect selling is more like playing with words in favor of our product or business. It helps is easing down the selling process by attracting more people to it.

Design content based on your chosen platform

Target audience is different on all platforms be it Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the way of advertisement are also different. Therefore, form your content based on the platforms you choose.

Business-for-sale advertisements need to be specific, clear and informative so that there is no loophole left behind. Leaving even one loophole might pay you a huge amount by discouraging the audience who "might" even resolve your purpose by buying your company. Ensure all these tips if you want to get suitable clients for your business-for-sale. Be very serious about your advertisement work because an effective ad is known to work its magic around making selling easy.

About the author: With a pinch of humor and realistic approach, Garima Aggarwal is a Creative Content Writer working with TABSCAP. She has been into the field since last 2 years wanting to develop change with her words and thoughts. She is passionate about her work and writes about topics related to Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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