4 Reasons to Sell Your Business in 2021

Don't miss the gold rush. Small businesses are at their peak prices in 2021. Here are four reasons to list your business up for sale this year.

#1 Excess Money Supply

In 2021, the money printed by central banks on both sides of the Atlantic has mounted to record-high levels. This money has flowed into the hands of banks, as well as equity investors, who are now panically seeking safe harbors for their funds.

#2 New Group of Business Buyers

Corporate refugees: of 14 million reported as currently unemployed, a small percentage are former executives who now need to replace their income and thus are seeking a position of small business owner. Most of them have $500,000 to $1 million to invest and plenty of time on their hands to call on opportunities.

#3 Pandemic-Caused Movement

About 10% of existing business owners in the U.S. are looking to expand or upgrade their location. The high availability of businesses unable to withstand the pandemic is providing a great incentive for acquisitions. Business brokers attribute near 30% of 2020/2021 buyer inquiries to owners looking to expand.

#4 Baby Boomers!

Turns out that 30% of new business buyers are Baby Boomers (born between 1944 and 1964). Many in this seasoned group prefer business ownership over retirement as a means of staying active.

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