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Business Sale Presentation Template

Armin Laidre
by Armin Laidre, MBA

This is a sample PowerPoint presentation to help you present your business for sale. It has seven slides for expressing the key values of the company. Feel free to download it (click below), then update the file and create your own version.


File format: PPTX (MS PowerPoint)

A screenshot of the presentation
Screenshots of the presentation



What the Business Does

This is where you should nail down your value proposition. For instance, what does your business do (describe your key products or services)? Who is your target market? Where are you selling your products or services?

Why it is Attractive

Key aspects of why it’s attractive may include, for example:

  • The business has an attractive (loyal, large, growing, etc) customer base;
  • It’s highly profitable yet possesses moderate/low risks;
  • It has great growth potential (you will explain why and how it does);

Just bring out your own business’s key aspects. Keep it short and simple!

Key Financials

Make it as straightforward as possible. Just one chart can do the job (facts and forecast).

The chart’s data can be downloaded from ExitAdviser’s website: financial-performance.xlsx. Don’t forget to update it with your own numbers!

Key Values

List the key values of your business. The common dimensions are:

  • Field of activity, and the market where the business operates;
  • Growth potential;
  • Employees;
  • Financial aspects;
  • Risk aspects.

Reason for Selling

Update this with your own reason(s) for the sale.

Expected Term of the Sale

Set up your expected sale terms here.

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Business Sale Presentation Template
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