How to Write an Ad Copy That Sells?

There are a lot of factors that could influence your business selling process. From the popularity of your small business before selling to the current demand on the market, you can't always hold all the cards. Still, when it comes to selling your small business, your ad copy can help you boost sales and get the best deal. And that is something you can definitely control. All you need to do is write a killer ad copy that sells.

If you're not sure how to do it but would like to learn, just keep reading. We've put together this ultimate guide to help you write a great business-selling ad.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Write a Compelling Ad Title

When your potential customers start looking for a business to buy, they'll go through dozens of business selling websites, looking for the best deal.

Naturally, they don’t have the time to open and read every single ad that comes to their hands. They’ll only read the ones they feel might be interesting and worth their time.

And how are they going to decide that? Simply based on the ad title.

This is why you need to make your ad title:

  • informative
  • compelling
  • unique

Don’t just state the obvious like "Barber Shop For Sale". This will, in no way, stand out from the rest of the ads. Instead, mix it up a little:

  • "Traditional Barber Shop For Sale - Owner Retiring"
  • "Modern Barber Shop For Sale - In Business For 20 Years"

Make sure to spice it up, share some additional information, and give potential buyers a reason to open the ad and read more.

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2. Organize Your Ad Body

Once your potential buyers decide to open your ad, they need to like what they see. Yes, see before they read.

This is because nobody wants to read a huge chunk of text that has no clear structure or organization. People don’t have the time for that.

Instead, they want to see:

  • clearly organized ad sections
  • subheadings for each section
  • bullet points
  • lists
  • bolded important information

This way, they could quickly scan your ad and look for specific information they need. It will make the ad much more appealing to them and motivate them to contact you.

So, organize your ad body neatly, and give potential buyers a chance to find the information they need within seconds.

3. Provide Only Valuable Information

You don’t want to make your ad body way too long. It may bore your potential buyers and have them give up reading.

Instead, focus on sharing only the valuable and truly important information.

Let’s compare the two examples:

  1. We’re selling the business due to moving to another country.
  2. We decided to try our luck somewhere else and move our entire little family to Scotland. This is why we need to sell the business.

The first example is exactly how you need to write. It's brief but shares important information.

The other example reveals too much and shares information that no one cares about. Your buyer doesn’t want to read about your personal life.

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Follow this example, and make sure you're only sharing information that matters. Remove anything redundant, unimportant, or overly personal.

4. Explain Why You’re Selling

This is a very important point of your business selling ad. People don’t want to get the feeling that your business is going down, and that’s why you’re selling.

Nobody wants to buy a business that’s failing.

This is why you should explain what the reason you’re selling your business is. The most popular reasons are:

  • you’re retiring
  • you’re moving away
  • you’re no longer able to work due to personal issues

Make sure you clearly state the reason for selling to ensure your potential buyers don’t get the wrong idea.

5. Give a Business Overview

The business overview might just be the most important section of your ad copy. It should contain all the technical information about your business and give the potential buyer a deeper insight into how it works.

That includes:

  • years it’s been in operation
  • number of employees and employee positions
  • official legal entity
  • growth rate
  • projected sales

It should also include the exact location and address of the business.

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The business overview section will tell the potential buyers how well you’ve been operating and whether or not this is a good deal for them.

6. Explain How it Works

Give a brief description of your business’ internal operations and explain how it all works. Include information such as:

  • the processes that take place (from manufacturing to selling)
  • your target buyers and customers
  • the markets you sell on

Potential buyers would like to have the basic idea of how the business functions and what to expect in case they decide to buy it.

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7. Describe Your Business With Passion

If you want people to buy the small business that you're selling, you have to give them a strong reason to do so. And, since you're trying to sell it, they'll need some extra convincing.

This is why you have to write about your business with passion. That implies:

  • describing your favorite parts of doing that business
  • showing appreciation for it
  • emphasizing how you enjoyed doing it

Of course, keep in mind people don’t want to read an essay about your personal connection to the business. But, they’ll welcome some minor hints such as:

  • "gives you a chance to work with amazing people"
  • "helps you connect with your local community"
  • "provides services to the unprivileged"

Add some minor personal remarks to make the ad more authentic and real.

8. Define the Asking Price

One of the main factors in the game of selling your small business will be your asking price. This is why it deserves a separate section in your ad copy.

Some people don’t like to write the asking price in the body of the ad. Instead, they’ll write:

- Contact us for a quote.

And, if your ad is attractive enough, potential buyers will contact you. But, some buyers find it repelling if the price is not clearly stated.

Therefore, we recommend you write the exact asking price in the body of the ad, especially if you don’t plan on negotiating and lowering your price.

It will help you come across as trustworthy and professional and make your entire ad seem transparent and without any hidden traps.

9. Require Specific Inquiry

Another important thing you should do is help potential buyers contact you easier. The less trouble they have to go through to contact you, the more willing they’ll be to do it.

Some seller simply write:

- Contact Me

They would then leave their contact information such as their phone number or email address.

But, there are other sellers who walk the extra mile and create a form for potential buyers to fill out in order to contact them.

The for would only have a couple of entries to type:

  • buyer’s name
  • buyer’s email address
  • buyer’s personal message

This way, the communication flow would be steady and smooth, and every potential buyer could contact you right there on the ad page.

It’s a convenience that might bring you numerous offers you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

10. Provide Images

Images are great for supporting your ad and making your copy more appealing and trustworthy. With images, you’re making the ad:

  • more credible
  • appealing
  • memorable

People will be able to see what your business looks like on the inside or outside and memorize it. On the other hand, they won’t be able to visualize the ads that contain no images, which might get them to contact you first.

Add just a couple of images to make your ad stand out from the rest and show potential buyers what it is that they plan on buying.

11. Proofread Your Ad Copy

If you want to make a good deal with a person you could trust, you’re going to have to make your ad strictly professional. That’s the only way that other serious buyers consider contacting you.

This is why you need to proofread your ad copy and make sure it is written accurately and professionally. That includes:

  • removing spelling mistakes
  • removing typos
  • removing grammar mistakes

You can’t allow for any of this to find its way to your final, published ad copy. In case you need help with writing or proofreading your ad copy, check out these writing services reviews to see how they could help you.

Final Thoughts

Writing an ad copy that sells is a demanding task that requires some serious planning and strategizing. But, with the right guidance and a winning strategy, you have nothing to worry about.

Use the tips we've shared above to make sure you write an ad copy that sells. Use it to sell your business easily and successfully.

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer. Daniela is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. She collaborates with many websites where she shares her experience and helps marketers make their names in the online world.

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