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ExitAdviser provides you with the industry's most efficient route to the market - a targeted advertising campaign on Google. It focuses the buyer's attention on your sale proposition, rather than being taken to already overcrowded marketplaces with thousands of similar, competing offers to distract them. Read more...

Prospective buyers will find your sale listing from a pay-per-click advertising campaign automatically triggered for you by the Go-to-Market Tool.

With the assistance of Go-to-Market Tool, a "blind" listing will be published that does not reveal your business name or address, and that camouflages your identity by describing attributes without revealing facts buyers can link specifically to your business.

It's worth it to mention that Google Ads has around 70% share of the search market, and it's the common starting place for serious buyers.

Included with the service, your offer is listed on ExitAdviser's businesses for sale marketplace, and visited by hundreds of potential buyers each day.

Custom Ad
Your business-for-sale advert on Google

This is a really straightforward process because your listing's landing page is based on a number of key sections in your Sale Memorandum. In fact, the key content of these sections are automatically replicated to your landing page. NB: Be careful not to include commercially-sensitive information.

Your Google Ads PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaign is triggered by ExitAdviser to drive traffic to your landing page. It's based on the main business category and location that you select. Remember to get these selections right to improve your chances of attracting the right buyer interest.

When potential buyers click on your ad, they’re taken straight to your landing page where there’s a "Contact Seller" button. The message comes straight through to you, so you can respond to them directly.

When you are ready to go, then your business will be listed on ExitAdviser's busy Marketplace, visited by hundreds of business people each day.

Actions to take:

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Expected outcome:

Landing Page prepared, business sale campaign started.

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It’s important to consider in advance how you’ll follow up on the leads received from your Google Ads campaign, and what information you’ll subsequently provide.

The best approach is to specify on your landing page how you expect buyers to communicate with you. For an initial communication, this is likely to be either by email or telephone.

Be sure to respond promptly to all inquiries. It’s best to do this within a maximum of 24 hours. If you’re not able to respond in full for whatever reason, then at least send them a message confirming receipt of their communication. Tell them by when you’ll be back in touch, and stick to this commitment.

As information is exchanged with prospective buyers in these early encounters, you’ll be looking to establish the seriousness of their intent.

Actions to take:

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Expected outcome:

Ongoing until ready for the next step.

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