All-Inclusive Selling Platform – How it Works

ExitAdviser has simplified the process of selling a small business down to a 4-step journey:

#1: Check the Status

The business-selling process should address these questions first:

  •   Are you ready to sell?
  •   Is your business sellable
  •   Is your business prepared for sale?
  •   How much money do you need to realize from the sale?

So it's about the status (business and personal), saleability, and expectations.

#2: Prepare for Sale

Here's where ExitAdviser's business-selling tools play the key role.

  •   The Business Valuation tool uses discounted cash flow (DCF) method to come up with an objective, earnings-based outcome, helping you to defend your asking price with prospective buyers.

  •   In parallel, the Sales Memorandum tool brings attention to the key information that serious buyers will want to know.

  •   Next, with the Go-to-Market tool's Ad Editor, you will prepare your offer to hit the market.

#3 Go to Market

ExitAdviser gets your offer in front of potential buyers with the Go-to-Market tool. It launches your advertising campaign on Google, which will lead prospects directly to your listing's landing page.

A business-for-sale sale advert on Google

Alternatively, with the Pitch-to-Brokers tool, your offer will be confidentially addressed to a number of potential intermediaries nearby.

#4: Close the Deal

Joseph Blygges, a former business owner

Joseph Blygges, a former business owner

Get Your Paperwork Ready

Featured with the service is a full collection of sales documents (forms and templates) to download.

Typically, you'll require a commitment in principle from the buyer – a Letter of Intent. Following due diligence and detailed negotiations, obtaining signatures on a Business Sale Agreement is the target outcome for both parties.

At the closing stage, it's the detail that counts. It is advisable to use the services of a nearby business lawyer.

Total time: up to 12 months.

Supplies: a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet connection.

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