BrokerBoard™ — The Online Broker Listings Platform

Created for Business Brokers, Intermediaries, and Advisors

ExitAdviser's BrokerBoard is a listings-management framework that is designed for business brokers. This service includes a set of professional selling tools, document templates, how-to guides, and a way to market your business-for-sale listings in the Marketplace.

Here's the full list of its features:

  • An online Business Valuation tool which lets you come up with well-argued asking prices for the businesses that are offered for sale.

  • An online Sales Memorandum tool which makes it easy to create a Memorandum of Sale for the businesses in your portfolio.

  • A listing managamentGo-to-Market tool to prepare your sale listings ready to launch.

  • A comprehensive set of legal templates, form letters, checklists, worksheets, and presentations. This set is a collection of files that you can freely download, modify and use when preparing your paperwork and presentations.

  • The Marketplace is the online shopping window for your listings. Each sale listing on the Marketplace is equipped with its own landing page to attract buyers and encourage them to get in touch with you… the broker.

  • Build your brand with your broker profile page while driving traffic to your own website.

  • Guidance – users will have access to ExitAdviser's vast collection of how-to guides, written by industry experts and practitioners.

  • Online support by your Account Manager at ExitAdviser.

  • It's comprehensive yet inexpensive. You can start or pause your subscription at any time.

Online Broker listings platform
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