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As the business sale process approaches its climax you're strongly advised to seek help from a qualified business lawyer.

You may already use a local Attorney for you legal affairs, or know of a good one through a friend or business associate. If not, click on "Find a Lawyer" below and select a shortlist to call, so you can check out their rates and relevant experience.

To reduce the risk of costly mistakes, you may choose to involve an Attorney earlier in the selling process as part of your business sale team.

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Important Information, please read carefully before using this Tool.

ExitAdviser strongly advises that you seek professional advice from a qualified Lawyer when selling your business, particularly when you are dealing with detailed legal documentation. The sample legal templates provided on ExitAdviser are strictly for information only, and should not be used to negotiate and conclude the sale transaction. If you do not already have an Attorney, this Tool will help you to locate a selection of local ones. ExitAdviser takes no responsibility for the quality or reliability of services provided by legal practices listed on the Find a Lawyer Tool, so it is recommended that you identify a shortlist to check out before committing yourself.

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