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Use this tool to calculate the worth of your business and to come up with a well-reasoned asking price.

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ExitAdviser's business valuation approach gives you the confidence to defend your asking price in front of any prospective buyer. That's because it uses Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), the most widely respected method of valuing an ongoing and profitable business. It takes the expected future cash flows and "discounts" them back to the present day, to give you a well-reasoned valuation result.


Important information, please read carefully before using this tool.

The Business Valuation Tool (BVT), whilst using a robust, standard method to produce a guideline business valuation, is not the only way to appraise a business. Before you settle on the final asking price for your Sales Memorandum and campaign landing page, you are strongly advised to compare your results from the BVT with results from alternative methods, such as comparison with similar businesses listed on business-for-sale websites. ExitAdviser takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the numbers you enter into the BVT, nor for any misunderstanding you may have about the way the BVT calculates the business value, nor for the consequences of using valuations calculated by the BVT when deciding your asking price. If you are in any doubt about the most realistic value for your business, you are strongly advised to seek professional assistance from your accountant or a business appraiser.

It's well worth taking the time to get your valuation right. Be sure to use actual financial data and considered forecasts that can be defended with rational arguments. For this reason, ExitAdviser recommends that you take several attempts with the Business Valuation Tool until you feel confident with the result. Before setting your final asking price, compare the tool outcome with other valuation methods, including price comparison with other similar businesses listed on a variety of online business sale websites.

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