5 Ways to Make Your Office Space Reflect Your Business Values

Whether you’re preparing your business and office space for a sale, or you’re just about to move into your new work space, imbuing it with your brand values will make all the difference in the world. For one, transforming an otherwise generic space into a professional, yet friendly and warm environment takes skill, and it will instantly make it more appealing to a potential buyer. If your employees are to move in next week, the look and feel of the place will set the tone for their own levels of productivity.

Of course, considering the current situation and the pandemic, with so many restrictions and regulations in place, you also need to enforce certain rules that will not jeopardize your values, but that will actually strengthen them. Let’s go through a few key ways to transform your office space and allow it to reflect your brand values, your business culture, and inspire your business to grow.

The layout of your office

Do you have smaller teams that work together, whether they’re at the office or working remotely? Or do you have large and scattered teams made up of independent workers whose tasks naturally connect into a larger whole? Depending on the kind of atmosphere and levels of collaboration your business prefers and the kind of culture you foster, the layout will differ.

The former typically warrants an open space layout without cubicles, but with flexible and adaptable desk set-ups so that your teams can mix, match, and work without issues. The latter might require separate offices with proper isolation for people who work with time-sensitive tasks and who need the extra focus. The size of the office will enable one or the other. If you’re about to sell your business, then you might also consider the culture of the company that will occupy the space, and then try to imbue those preferences, too.

Choose an appropriate color palette

As visual creatures, we develop associations with specific hues and emotions depending on their use. Likewise, brands strategically use certain colors to elicit specific emotions and establish a connection with their audience as well as employees. So, the color palette in your office will speak volumes not just to your team, but also to a potential buyer.

Colors allow a space to come to life, become the personification of creativity, innovation, or fast-paced collaboration. Instead of sticking with clean white walls, you can use an accent hue such as orange or light green to bring some brightness into your office. Match these details with furniture of contrasting or same color, to bring it even more to life. For instance, purple gives a luxe vibe to any space, while black evokes sophistication as well as luxury. Red hues are known for their ability to inspire passion, while orange is a playful, youthful hue perfect for creative offices.

Establish the office etiquette

The current situation has reminded us just how much the business world is fragile and that professionals need to pay attention to more than mere courtesy when interacting in an office space. Of course, the basis for your office to reflect your business values lies in how your employees behave, so instilling and inspiring positive and encouraging habits is a great start.

However, also make sure that everyone wears a preventive surgical mask during the pandemic so that you can reduce the spread of the virus, thus empowering the culture of mutual respect. Place hand sanitizer strategically around the office, and gentle reminders to encourage frequent and thorough hand-washing. These may seem trivial, but they build and reflect a culture of teamwork and one that cherishes each individual.

Furniture and accessories do matter

Expensive, artsy chairs that cost a fortune but that are painfully uncomfortable will barely do anything for your office space. They’ll look nice in a photo, especially when you want to advertise it, but chances are that such pieces of furniture will end up collecting dust and annoying the occupants of the office.

The more you research, the more you’ll understand that the essence of smart office design boils down to combining comfort with aesthetic appeal, and ensuring that the furniture you choose is healthy, above all else. Ergonomic chairs might not always be aesthetically appealing, but they add to the value of the office space, make your employees comfortable, and protect their long-term wellbeing. LED lights might not be superbly elegant, but they are eye-friendly, sustainable, and provide optimal work conditions for your staff.

Combine form and function at every turn

In addition to furniture, which as we’ve established should always come with a purpose, you also need to choose other aspects of your office with your team’s wellbeing in mind. Do they have a whiteboard for creative exchanges, or a "play" area with foosball or a few board games for bonding and those lunch breaks? Does your kitchen boast a healthy snack vending machine and a snazzy coffee machine?

Rest assured that these additions will not go unnoticed or underappreciated. In fact, the more you pay attention to such functional details that contribute to your business purpose, the more your values will naturally and organically come to life. Framed motivational and funny quotes might seem like nothing more than decoration, but they also help your staff find a friendly reminder that they matter and that they can accomplish their goals.

No matter if you’re looking to sell your office space and thus trying to increase its appeal or you simply want to make the space more in line with your business, investing in the listed essentials will certainly help you make the most of your office. Use the listed tips, and your space will simply come to life and allow anyone who occupies it to be productive, inspired, and happy.

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