10 Things To Clean Before Selling a Business

There are so many processes involved in selling a business. When a business owner decides it’s time to let go of a business, they must conduct certain activities appropriately to increase the chances of the company being bought.

Activities such as proper documentation, communicating with everyone involved, and other technical and administrative functions are often what most business owners pay attention to when preparing to sell a business. Therefore, not many owners give much attention to cleaning office spaces before selling them.

It’s a good idea for business owners to engage professional cleaning services to help create a clean and safe environment before putting their businesses on sale. A thoroughly clean space will be more presentable and attractive for prospective buyers. So, if you’re thinking about selling your business, here are 10 things to clean before you can start that process:

Surrounding Environment

The environment around your business speaks a lot about it. In the world of business, first impressions matter a lot, and most times, companies often have only one chance to make a remarkable first impression. When potential buyers come knocking on your door, the state of the exterior areas of the premises impacts their perception of your business. Even the most minor details will possibly affect their decisions.

Thus, a clean and visually appealing environment will make prospective buyers see your professionalism and give them the impression that you’re proud of what your company does and the services it offers.

Also, with a clean environment, you reduce the chances of accidents occurring. Imagine having a prospective buyer come around your business only to suffer from an accident and get injured? Do you think such an experience will help you make a sale? If your environment is clean, you put your business in good light and swing the odds of making a sale in your favor

Interior Office Spaces

Business prospects often find a clean office space appealing and welcoming. When a prospect enters your tidy office, they receive positive signals and acknowledge the level of organization expressed in your business and how well you pay attention to details. On the other hand, if your office space is untidy and messy, you send a repelling signal to your prospect. They may assume all other aspects of the business are equally as disorganized.

Keeping a clean office space begins with arranging things in an orderly manner. By keeping objects, items, and furniture around the office in their designated areas, your business environment becomes safer and friendlier. For prospective buyers, a comfortable environment can make them more relaxed and patient to discuss business with you. You can bet that an untidy environment will make a prospect want to leave earlier than planned.


Reputable carpet cleaning services help to give your carpets a good shine and professional polish. When potential buyers visit and go around your business, the floors are among the most conspicuous areas they’ll see and so your carpets should be in good shape. With so many people walking on the carpet daily, the dirt accumulates and eventually causes the carpet to produce an unpleasant smell. A foul odor from your carpets will not speak well of your sense of maintenance, and it can paint an unfavorable picture of your business in the mind of prospective buyers.

Cleaning your carpets will take off dirt that has been built up over time. It also prevents foul odors and makes your business space smell clean and fresh. Furthermore, a clean carpet improves the aesthetics of your business and the overall health of its environment.


Commercial and industrial ceiling cleaning can often be a laborious process and can feel daunting. This is why a lot of businesses don't bother about it. Nevertheless, it should also be part of your cleaning considerations when you’re planning to sell your business. Keeping dirty ceilings can diminish the quality of air around your environment. If your ceilings are not cleaned, they may release an unpleasant odor into the air.

Ceiling cleaning also serves aesthetic benefits. A clean ceiling will be pleasant to look at. Having dirt, specks of dust and particles collected on your ceilings can make your business premise look unattractive. Prospects can see it as a turnoff, prompting them to make unhealthy conclusions. To avoid this, you should consider cleaning your ceiling and giving it a bright and sparkling look.


No matter how beautifully painted your walls are, they’re bound to get dirty over time. Hence, you’ll need to wash them or apply a fresh coat of paint if you want them to look good and clean. Cleaning your walls not only keeps dirt off them but also brightens the look of the space. Also, it keeps the environment healthy.

When prospective buyers visit your business, it’s impossible to hide your walls. The state of those walls will reflect your ability to manage your business and how much value you place on it. If you’re not sure what to do with your walls to make them look clean and tidy, you can get professional cleaning services specialized in wall cleaning.

Windows And Window Treatments

When your windows are dirty, they can obstruct light penetration into your business environment and reduce visibility. A clean window, on the other hand, prevents this by transforming the atmosphere of your business from dull to bright. With clean windows, buyers feel more safe and secure. Safety in a business environment can make prospects feel inclined to stay longer, investing enough time and effort in the necessary conversations.

Generally, taking care of your window also means taking care of your:

  • Blinds: If you have blinds over your window for a long period, you can be sure to find clusters of dirt and dust upon them. Unclean blinds look unsightly and, in some cases, the dust particles they trap over time can trigger allergies in individuals vulnerable to them. Therefore, they need to be cleaned unless you want to have potential buyers suffering allergic attacks right in the middle of negotiations because the blinds are dirty and dusty.
  • Curtains: Curtains are lovely business accents that improve the appearance of office spaces. When you drape them over windows and glass partitions, not only do they look beautiful, they give guests a welcoming feel. Besides, clean curtains communicate hospitality. Your business can project a positive image to prospective buyers by having well-maintained curtains around the place.


One selling mistake business owners make is not paying attention to their upholstery. Proper cleaning of your upholstery will keep your furniture looking good and appealing. Selling a business may sometimes mean selling it as-is with all the current and fixed assets, such as furniture. When the furniture is well-cleaned, it seems more pleasant, and may positively influence the prospective buyers’ decision. Upholstery cleaning also improves the air quality, making the environment more enjoyable and comfortable for holding meetings and sale negotiations.


Depending on the kind of business you’re in, your premises may have a chimney. The accumulation of toxic smoke around your business space can pollute the environment, making it unpleasant for people to stay in. Cleaning your chimney helps eliminate debris that could block the toxic smoke from leaving your business environment.

When the chimney is used over time, toxic by-products resulting from the burning fire stick to the chimney's walls. When the heat from the chimney becomes intense, these toxic products can get caught, which may lead to a fire outbreak. Any signs of an environment that’s a potential fire and health hazard will leave an unpleasant dent in a buyer's mind.


Having prospective buyers tour your premises with the stench of restrooms in the air might not yield a good outcome. A clean and tidy restroom is good for business perception. It’s easy for a prospect to be swayed by the state of your business' restroom. When a potential buyer visits a dirty restroom, they could get turned off and may not want to continue further negotiations, and that’ll be registered as a loss to your business.

Keeping clean restrooms improves a buyer's perception of your business. It eliminates unnecessary concerns and leaves positive memories.

Trash And Garbage

It's easy to forget about clearing the trash and garbage once you put your business up for sale. This is because, sometimes, the whole attention can be shifted to finding buyers and negotiating the transfer process.

However, it'd be disheartening if, after all the effort, your buyers find trash and garbage lying carelessly on your premises. They might get turned off to pursue the purchase, which can negatively impact your business sale.

Therefore, you need to take the trash out. Also, you need to ensure you freshen up the office spaces after the garbage is out. Doing this ensures your buyers are greeted with sweet fragrances and scents.


Selling a business involves a lot of procedures and you need to get them right. However, it’d be best not to leave any aspect out during your preparation. Cleaning your business environment will be a plus when you offer it for sale. If you’ve ever wondered if hiring a professional cleaning service is a necessary part of selling your business, the answer is ‘yes.’ Get one today and have your business prepped adequately for a buyer. You get a good shot at achieving this when you clean the physical areas of your company listed above.

Sarah Gentry is a B2B and B2C freelance writer based in the UK. She has written for multiple agencies, self-starting business organizations, and small business owners. She enjoys the dissection and presentation of data to inform business decisions. She's on Twitter posting cats and dogs @SarahGentry.

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