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National, Multi-Industry, Industrial Heat Shrink-Wrap Protection Company. Storage, Packaging and Transportation Coverings. Anti-Corrosion, and Weatherproofing Systems serving the Aero Space, Military, Marine, Construction, Movie, Freight, Long Term Storage and Energy Industries.

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Type of business: industrial, manufacturing

SWP has multi-industry and government agency reach and can effectively market, engage, bid and win major packaging, storage and transport protection and containment projects. We have over 10 years experiences engaging with both large industrial clients and with numerous regional and country wide government agencies and military branches, offering effective programs and services to protect their tangible assets. With our professional staff and unique processes and materials, we can execute projects with the timeliness and quality that is expected by clients.

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Key financial facts and forecast

2022 Annual Revenue of $986,546. 2022 Seller Discretionary Income of $356,073. Assets: $235,000. Revenue is expected to grow by 10% annual base on the securing of major government and military contracts and direct involvement with future disaster relief and temporary shelter projects. Current Liabilities: $604,000, Current Equity: $476,962.

Profit forecast

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The business value graphed against a range of cost of equity

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Reason for selling

Owner is Retiring

Required buyer qualifications

- A**t least $1,500,000 in available investment funds to purchase company and provide continued operating funds.
- Experience or exposure to industrial packaging, transportation and storage industries
- Experience with the preparation, management and execution of military and government contracts
- Experience with planning, bidding and executing large scale corporate industrial projects

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