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We are top of our local industry offering complete computerized landscape design with installation of hardscape such as walkways and patios and softscape features such as plants and trees, landscape lighting, drainage systems and landscape maintenance.
Offering quality service for so many years has gained us many loyal customers!

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Type of business: landscaping services, landscaping

Over the past 24 years Sharp Landscaping has established a well known name in the northland area as one of the top tier landscape contractors. We also have a reputation as a great landscape business to work for. We value our relationships with our customers and treating employees well. The trust that has been established over the years with our customers has led to a great working relationship. We pride ourselves on treating the customer with respect and being a professional top grade landscape company. We have put value along with ownership in the work we complete. This, along with quality craftsmanship, has ensured customer satisfaction and retention.
Even though we have been in business for 24 years, there is still much room for growth. We have intentionally kept the business somewhat small and manageable. We generally run 2-3 teams of 3 per team with an operational and project manager. During spring and fall our schedule is normally 6-13 weeks out which can turn away potential customers. However, with additional teams, that work would be able to stay in house. We also have much demand for lawn care and irrigation work which we do not provide. If those areas were added, there would also be possible even more potential growth.

Asking price


Price includes $42,515 in assets (trucks, trailers, etc.)
Cash flow $95,000

Key financial facts and forecast

Sharp Landscaping cash flow has been steadily increasing over the past 5 years. .
We have no long term debt.

Reason for selling


Required buyer qualifications

Some helpful qualifications would be prior experience with landscape design (or hire a landscape designer), office administration, familiarized with QuickBooks online or something similar, experience in landscape installation, familiarized with shrubs and trees for this zoned area. However, all of these things can be learned and/or subbed out. Business would need to be purchased in full as there is no owner financing available.

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