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Gentlemen Doors is a garage door and opener business. This business has it's own truck and warehouse that will provide all the necessary inventory and tools needed to supply costumers with replacements, upgrades, restorations, etc.. Gentlemen Doors is relocatable and has been able to operate with 1 employee. Rocco (Rocky) is retiring and would like to sell his business. He is willing to help in any way other than working on the truck. If you're interested, please call (800) 435 - 1086.

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Gentleman Doors has everything you'll need to continue this successful establishment.
This turn-key business has been owned and operated for 30 years by Rocky Volpe. Located in Central Jersey, this business includes: Truck with all tools and inventory, warehouse storage space with letters, tools, machinery, inventory, parts, doors, business phone number, previous customer base, and a list of all the suppliers we're doing business with. The warehouse is leased, while the truck is owned.
Gentleman Doors is not a franchise. It is privately owned. Cash flow is on completion of job, no outstanding accounts or receivable accounts. Ideally we would like to sell the business to someone in the trade who's working for someone looking to branch out on their own. If interested, call: (800) 435 - 1086.

Asking price

$275,000 to 319,000. This is negotiable. If interested please call (800) 435-1086

Owner financing

Owner/seller financing is available.

Key financial facts and forecast

This company was started in 1987 by Rocky Volpe. It has since grown and established a consistent client and supplier list. The annual gross revenue is 70,000. Every job is paid for at time of completion so there is no outstanding debts or accounts. Rocky is reachable at (800) 435 - 1086 if you have any questions or want more information.

Reason for selling

The owner is retiring.

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