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Phrame is a technology and logistics platform allowing touch-less remote access to every car on the road. Smart, Secure Access 24x7

Phrame reinvents the license plate frame into a military-grade lockbox for car fob storage and key management that can be accessed by car owners, service professionals, fulfillment companies etc without the necessity for face-to-face key exchange

The Phrame software platform works seamlessly with our product to integrate (via API) to any enterprise partners 24/7
Phrame is awarded US Patent:
Patent Number: 10,308,218

Allowance for the 2nd patent has been issued and an official patent issuance is due in January 2021

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Phrame technology provides access to any car on the road - whether it’s new and smart or not.

Access to a car would potentially make Phrame an AirBnB for cars to enable:

1. Contact free in-car delivery (UPS, Amazon, Walmart)
2. Car rental and sharing (Enterprise, Getaround, Uber)
3. Car-related services (e.g. gas, oil, mechanic, road assistance, etc.)
4. Salesperson-free car sales (Carvana, Amazon Vehicle, traditional dealerships)
5. Non car related services (e.g. cleaners, valet, etc.)
6. Anti-theft alarm and reporting
7. GPS, 3X accelerometer and local/cloud event recording could provide relevant data for insurance companies as well as other interested parties

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Phrame is a connected licence plate holder that acts as a smart lockbox that can be quickly installed in any car* in less than 15 minutes.

Using BTLE and LTE connectivity users can assign access to the hidden lockbox to 3rd parties.

The lockbox securely holds the vehicle’s key. This allows for integration of peer to peer car sharing, shopping delivery services, and other services such as on demand car maintenance.

Phrame provides motion, sound, theft, and impact detection along with 24/7 real-time GPS location tracking.

*80% rear + 20% front installation

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