Gift Shop for Sale in Philadelphia

Servicing local and tourists population with gifts/ souvenirs/ espresso bar & light food items. Included a functioning kitchen. Accommodate 22 inside seating surrounded w/ artworks.
prime location: the most energetic and lively location in old city. 1000sf street level includes a kitchen.1000sf basement.
Excellent cash flow.
-active and detailed website
Retirement after 28 years in the location.

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Type of business: gift shop, a shop

Continues success for 28years operating with no COVID effects. Complimentary service for tourists.

Asking price


over 17k inventory.
-over 21k appliances, equipment, furnitures and fixtures.

Owner financing

No financing.

Key financial facts and forecast

Can provide payroll for 4 or 5 employees. The upward or downward sale/ profit at anytime depends on products, service, and employees. We had continually upward progress.
Gross sale: $170k
Profits ( after expenses): 60k

Reason for selling


Required buyer qualifications

No experience needed. Will train buyers.

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Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

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