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Specializes in direct two-way radio communications, wide area internet, point-to-point communications and back up power generators.

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Type of business: communications, it services, internet

SDE: $308,498

Revenue: $1,013,636

Description: This state-of-the-art communications company provides customized solutions for businesses, school districts and municipalities from Buffalo to Albany, New York. The company has contracts with recurring monthly revenue for digital communications services. They have expertise in point to point communications, WiMax broadband communications, two-way radios, telephone systems and generators for back-up power. The company has several large projects coming up in the next few months and will hit a million dollars in revenue for 2020 even though business slowed because of the pandemic. This is a turn-key business with all the employees, equipment, office space and customers in place. While it is successful, there is tremendous room for growth.

The sales price includes inventory and FFE.

Inventory: $89,551

FF&E: $256,245

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Located in Rochester, New York, US

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