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Who are we?

We are leaders in selling digital products in Estonia!

Our goal is to bring people the joy of playing and high quality entertainment by offering a variety of PC games, game codes, gift cards (PSN and Xbox cards) and much more with a better price and availability for customers. We are focused on being the best and most secure platform.

We were the first in Estonia to enter the market in 2009 as an e-store offering only digital delivery of products via email. Today, Punktid is still an innovative digital service provider with a constantly growing product selection that strongly holds the first place on the Estonian market. Over the years we have seen multiple potential competitors trying to enter the Estonian market with the same kind of digital service. However, thanks to our strong position and trust from customers, these new online stores have closed very quickly.

How do we operate?

We are working together with the biggest digital games’ distributors in Europe, Asia and USA to ensure the biggest range of products and the best price possible. Most products are sent to us digitally which we then upload to our virtual stock. Some of the products are received physically as a boxed product. The redeem keys are scanned and uploaded to our virtual stock and the packagings are then destroyed.

Who are our customers?

Our average customer is a male in the age 15-35 who values a fast but simple, reliable service and has high expectations on the online store’s web site quality and knowledgeable customer support. He expects our product selection and customer support to be up to date with the newest games.
Besides our average customer we are always focused on attracting new customers who have yet to make the transition from physical to digital or who are simply buying the products for someone else (parents, grandparents). These customers value simplicity and trustworthiness over all else.

Our strategy

Our priority is to stay fresh, relevant and modern in order to create a trust-based relationship with our customers. We try to keep a minimalistic and simple line when explaining our benefits and services, as to not over complicate things for users. We are creating a strong brand presence to compete with the top digital gaming stores in the world. We keep our brand authentic by sending playful and light messages, combined with useful information and entertainment.

Type of business: e-commerce, retail, ecommerce, online shopping

Our 5-year plan:

Continue expanding in Latvia, becoming the no.1 game site there

Open new markets in:
-Ukraine (cooperation negotiations have already started)
-Reach an annual turnover of 10 million

These new markets are chosen because we would solve the same customer problems there that users are facing in Estonia – no professional support in their own language, no official support by PlayStation, Xbox and other major gaming giants.

Why choose Punktid?

-Our project is easily scalable - easy to add new languages, payment methods, new products and services. This does not involve a high amount of additional investment and makes it easier to open new markets.
-Having been in the market for 10 years we have the experience and know-how on how to expand our business abroad. Based on our own history and statistics we are able to calculate the potential amount of customers and turnover for other countries.

What is the industry potential?

Industry potential?
The video game industry is immensely large.
In fact, it is larger than the movie and music industry combined, and it is only growing.
-2018 Video games generated sales of $134.9 billion annually worldwide.
-2019 The global gaming market was estimated to be worth $152 billion.
-2020 Global gaming market will generate $159.3 billion in revenue.
-By 2025 it is estimated it will reach over $300 billion in revenue!

Asking price

1.200 000.-

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