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- The company designs, manufactures and delivers a wide range of cabinets and housing components for various companies and big projects in many sectors ranging from electronics to defence.

- All cabinets and housing products are designed and manufactured upon customer requirements.

- The company also produces and sells standard catalogue products such as cabinets, racks.

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- One of the oldest and largest cabinet manufacturing and supplying company in Turkey.
- Company designs, manufactures and delivers a wide range of cabinets and housing components such as cabinets, racks to various companies and big projects.
- Products are designed and manufactured upon customer requirements. We also produce and sell the standard catalogue products to customers.
- Majority of the income is from custom manufacturing for the companies.
- Company has strategic partnerships with many prominent local and international clients in various sectors including Telecommunication, IT, Finance, Defence, Physical Security to purchase our products.
- Have 15-20 large clients. Some of the key clients we serve are Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Acıbadem Hospitals, Turkish Banks
- Growth is expected to increase in the coming years as the company is expanding to domestic and international markets.
- Facility has the capacity to produce 1,000-1,500 cabinets of varied sizes per month.
- The senior management team has over 50 years of combined experience in this industry and has created many successful projects in the past.
- Buyer would get the business with the brand, goodwill, office furniture, equipment, inventory of raw materials and finished products

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Key financial facts and forecast

40 years in operation
Employees: 50 - 100
Legal Entity: Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Reported Sales: TRY 33.5 million in FY 2019
EBITDA Margin: 20 % in FY 2019
Growth rate: 270% in FY 2019
Projected Sales in FY 2020: TRY 50 million
Projected EBITDA Margin in 2020: 20%
Industries: Metal Production for Electrical and Electronic Equipments,
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Profit forecast

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Reason for selling

Owner wants to retire and there's no family member interested in continuing the business.

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