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Imagine you're starting a restaurant, and you have a chance to partner with one of the best chefs in NY state. Then add to that he was also a very well liked owner for 33 years and he knew EVERYTHING about the operations, but he was getting older and couldn't do everything on his own. That IS this company.
My company offers expertise and equipment to work with client's existing equipment if necessary, AND we sell the best new equipment to solve virtually all water problems including hard water build-up, bacteria, staining, problem pH and much more. My system in my house alone is an $8000 system. An average system sells for $3500.
I will be stay on as long as my partner considers me important to the business operation. I have all the knowledge & client lists to make things happen for up to 3 years or longer if needed.

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Type of business: water filtration, water conditioning

This business is superior in MANY ways, allowing the right individual personal & financial independence.
Through 37 years in water filtration ( four years working for the biggest names and plumbing companies ) and 33 years in business, we have acquired at least 25 key advantages that we employ and over time that have translated to the following:
1) No lawsuits ( or even discussions), 1 small insurance claim (so small our insurance company didn't even want to go look at it, they just paid it, ( $800, AND it was uncertain if a re-modeling contractor re-doing the basement may have loosened the drain causing the leak (which created the problem in the first place).
If more comfortable, we can change the name and LLC under a whole new company.
Incorporated in 1988 and very slow due to health issues now resolved, we can expand this in many ways.
I'm passing up decent jobs to wait and get the person who will have the initiative to blast this business back off.
The general service call price in Orange, Ulster & Sullivan Counties, the main operational area, is over $100/first half hour & over $100/hour after that. This doesn't mention parts mark-up (about 50%) and installations, where the profit is $1000's. WE CAN MAKE THIS WORK!

Asking price


We can discuss a number of payment options. The cost, spread monthly over a year is fine.

Key financial facts and forecast

The company built up to considerable profitability in '00, '01, '04, '05 & '06 but due to health issues, the business slowed greatly (the housing bubble didn't help).
I've entertained the thought of a partner for many years but everyone who applied had a major difficulty. 1 fellow found commuting from New Jersey too far. Another had Parkinson's and though giving it a valiant effort, couldn't do basics.
This business has done great financial numbers and could do again but it requires someone with the stamina and discipline to make it happen. I have ALL the knowledge on my end.
This is a primarily white collar job but rolling up your shirt sleeves is occasionally necessary, or we can hire that person.
Truly a fantastic business. I'm looking for someone honest and hard-working. This is a people-oriented business and appearance and manners are mandatory.

Reason for selling

I'm 62 years old and with health issues I need someone there to help steer the ship.
PLUS, with grand children and family in Orlando and Pennsylvania we want visit a lot more.

Required buyer qualifications

Buyer must have great attitude and be honest. We make our own hours so self-discipline is key. Attention to detail very important and, yes, there's paperwork

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