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Retail of children toys and gifts at large special events.

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Type of business: retail, a shop, a store

The business is currently being operated on a seasonal level. For the investor who wants to commit full time the growth would be 25% or more per year in sales. Our contracts with events are long term government and non profit organizations which give us a huge barrier for competition. We have little or no competition at most of our events. Markup is in the neighborhood of 500 % on most items. Relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, and events are very established over a long period of time.

Asking price


According to the "Discounted Cash Flow Method" of valuation the business should be priced at 950,000. However we are pricing it according to a profit multiplier of 3. After adding back 60,000 in discretionary spending and using a multiplier of 3 we arrive at a price of 450,000.

Owner financing

Owner/seller financing is available.

50% down and year amort. and 8% interest

Key financial facts and forecast

Basically this is a debt free business except for financing 1 vehicle every 3 years for tax deduction purposes. Investor can make a good living running business seasonally or part time or expand the business by operating year round. Seller will provide instructions on how to grow to full time if requested.

Profit forecast

Pictured above: Profit Forecast

The business value graphed against a range of cost of equity

Pictured above: Business Value graphed against Cost of Equity

Reason for selling

Over the years ive been able to build a sizable real estate portfolio from cash flow and i want to dedicate my time to bringing it to the next level.

Required buyer qualifications

If buyer seeks financing than a good credit score is necessary and adequate finances to consider this size of financial commitment. Experience in this industry or a related would be helpful.

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