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Canyon Gardens LLC is a small organic farm supplying fresh produce to individuals via farmers markets and to restaurants and chefs locally and in Las Vegas (<100 miles).

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Type of business: agriculture, farming

The business price is a bargain to encourage quick sale. The business has a reputation for quality produce in the local farmers market and with certain local and Las Vegas restaurants. The business includes BCS tractor & implements, solar water pumps, solar power system, drip irrigation system, high tunnels, cooler trailer, and farm tools & materials (most of which installed or purchased in past 4 years). The business headquarters property includes 3 buildings - shed, former house (business headquarters, storage & workshop), and a trailer home (temporary living quarters). The real estate is located 30 minutes drive S of Caliente, the business center of Lincoln County, and less than 100 miles from Las Vegas via Kane Springs Road. The business is adjacent to a state park in spectacular Rainbow Canyon with potential for sales to tourists. The property is off grid with solar power system and solar water pump. With a little frost protection, the farm enjoys a 10 month growing season. The business includes one full time employee who has been with farm for 6 months and has extensive prior experience with poultry and rabbits. The employee lives in housing on the large leased property. The headquarters property is fenced to exclude mule deer. The farm includes over $1000 in perennial crops - mostly herbs and asparagus & a few fruit trees & fruiting vines.

Asking price


Asking price equals asking price of land + existing liabilities of company.

Owner financing

Owner/seller financing is available.

60% down payment; 5 year term length; 5% interest rate; quarterly repayment schedule

Key financial facts and forecast

The average small farm does not turn a profit and Canyon Gardens is no exception to that rule. However, farm equity has steadily increased due to investments in equipment and infrastructure while not incurring excessive debt. Below is a balance sheet from 2017 detailing company assets and liabilities. Purchase price will clear existing liabilities. Balance sheet below does not include real estate value.

Reason for selling

The owners are moving soon, so Holly can take advantage of a promotion. The price is a bargain and is based on clearing existing business debts and asking price for headquarters property. The sooner that we have a buyer means the sooner that we can notify employee and lessor of additional property of change of farm ownership.

Required buyer qualifications

Buyer must have available finances to purchase business outright or accept owner financing terms.

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