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A Unique Opportunity to take over on a well established Shipping Store. We offer UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Freight Domestic and International Shipping. Other great services we provide including: Notary Public, Mailbox Rental, Copy Services, Shredding, Passport Photos, Office Supplies and more....

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Type of business: retail, a shop, a store

Very steady Loyal Customers in a great Community El Macero Golf Club. Very busy shopping Center (Nugget Market, Starbucks, Taqueria, Chinese, Japanese Restaurant, Vets Clinic ) Independent Business Offering USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Freight Shipping. No Post Office in this Area of south Davis. Our Mailbox Rentals are about 75% full mainly use for business people or professional Individuals. Great for an new energetic owner who can add more Potential services like: Live Scan Fingerprinting, Swift Passport Services, Commercial Printing, Photo Kiosk Printing, and Money Transfer, Lotto, Any new Ideas for more growth.

Asking price


Price is solid .. We are looking for serious buyer who would like to take care the store and continue to service our loyal local customers. Our asking price is lower form our Business Valuation because we are trying to avoid brokers fees 10% to 15 % of Sales price.

Owner financing

Owner/seller financing is available.

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Key financial facts and forecast

Ever since we bought this store we have been profitable. No negative years. 11 years. No loans. only 1 Color copy printer that is on a 5 year lease agreement. Every other equipment is Own. Last year Sales increase by 15% from previous year.

Profit forecast

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Reason for selling

We want to concentrate on Existing Tax Preparation, Investments and Insurance Business.

Required buyer qualifications

Qualifying buyers with available finance.

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