Fabricated metal business for sale in Põlva, Põlva County, Estonia

The business offers a comprehensive range of metal fabrication made by customer specifications as well as manufactured products by the company's own design.
The highly skilled and dedicated workforce is experienced in materializing the client's inspirations efficiently and on-time, whilst maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and product quality.
The company offers its services across a wide range of industrial sectors and maintains strong working relationships for current and future work.
The business has a large and loyal customer base (700+ clients in total, 100+ regular) and provides a great expansion potential with relatively low investment need.

Brands served in Finland and Estonia: UPM, NK-Yhtymä, Ragn-Sells, Lemeks Group, TREV 2, etc.

- machine tools for woodworking (including CNC machines), machines and equipment: conveyors, rollers, drying trolleys and the like; special orders + designing;
- machinery and equipment for the paper industry; special orders + designing;
- multi-lift containers and container systems (including special orders) and various waste containers;
- manufacture of tractor trailers (frames, boxes), etc.

- various metal works: welding, gas processing, bending, turning, milling, drilling;
- finishing-sandblasting, high-pressure spray painting;
- metal structures of buildings: frames, stairs, platforms, fences, gates, metal doors;
- repair of forestry equipment, for example, loaders (grips), and repair of trailers.

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Expansion potential
The business possesses a great expansion potential due to steadily growing demand on its products and services. It is estimated that the business is able to grow up to 10-12% a year without new investments. With an additional investment in machinery and equipment of up to €150 000, the growth potential is estimated to 20% a year (both in sales revenue and profit/cash flow).

The business already serves a dozen of strong brands in North-Europe, such as UPM Kymmene in Finland, Sweden and Norway. For a buyer coming from a non-EU country, this business would be an excellent route-to-market towards the European Union.

Low competition
The company has its own unique business model and value proposition by offering both custom and ready-made metal products and fabrication. Therefore, head-to-head competition is low; it's rather fragmented by distinct product lines. Instead, and with other metal fabricators in Estonia, the company strives to co-operation relationships and contributes its resources when large, joint-forced projects shall be completed.

Asking price

€590 000

Owner financing

Owner financing is either not considered, or not available. Get in touch for more information.

Key financial facts and forecast

Sales Revenue: 1-1.5 million euros per year.
Cash Flow: up to 100 000 euros per year (Net Profit + SDE).
Customer Base: 700+, 100+ of regular.

Reason for selling


Required buyer qualifications

A buyer who is active/interested in the field of metal fabrication and manufacturing is preferred.

When getting in touch, please introduce yourself, and briefly explain why are you interested in buying a business in the European Union.

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Located in Põlva, Põlva County, EE