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Our firm's hard-hitting, highly effective, out-of-the-box approach to public relations allows us to continually produce exceptional results for our clients. We commit to knowing the client’s business, positioning, and goals so that we can present their story in a compelling manner consistent with the client’s brand personality and core values. We have the contacts and media know-how to put the story in the right hands, in the right way, at the right time which nets real results and not simply a strategy that talks about getting results.

By working natural synergies between business clients and those who cover them, we develop campaigns that the media enjoy covering. We are the champion of the inventor/entrepreneur and have been for over fifteen years! We are a pro-pitch PR firm that scores national editorial media on a daily basis for our clients. All of our publicists come directly from working in the media and have already established relationships with editors, reporters, booking agents, producers, and features writers in thousands of outlets in every medium. We are able to draw on those contacts and our media experience to get the maximum amount of coverage for our clients.

Type of business: public relations, pr services

We have developed the processes and relationships to cost-effectively promote our clients' innovative products and services - even on limited budgets we can get results for our clients while still making a profit for ourselves. Our clients are often overlooked by larger agencies because their budgets are too small. There are far more small and mid-size companies than large companies out there and we find they are under served. In addition, the entrepreneurs and inventors often times have much cooler products and services which are fun to promote - and have the potential with the right support to grow into larger accounts. There is a huge growth opportunity for someone who can lead the sales efforts as the market potential is quite large and untapped. In addition, we feel it would make a good addition to a large PR firm - perhaps as a division that can help these smaller clients grow and then feed them into their more traditional agency as their success allows. It would also be a great addition to a marketing firm that already supports similar clients where PR would be a complementary service they could offer - our team could plug right into their organization!

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Time for founder to retire!

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Must have strategic fit for business. Must have ability to finance multi-million dollar purchase price.

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