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SPEC Sensors was founded to provide gas sensing helps people know whats going on around their environment in real-time. Provide access to low cost high fidelity optimal form factor to meet mobile, wearable, home, city, and medical products. The movement and enabling the Internet of Things (iOT) makes gas sensing a part of our everyday lives.

Based in the Fremont California Bay Area, Silicon Valley, we combine our extensive experience in reliable and time tested gas sensing technologies with novel manufacturing techniques to produce gas sensors that are small enough to go anywhere while maintaining the high performance and fidelity that is critical to delivering useful information. We take pride in both our long history and gas detection and our deep involvement in cutting edge technology.

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SPEC Sensors has an incredible and optimal product portfolio that is second to none for low cost, high volume, and high reliability to enable the world of gas sensing at the high end consumer level. It provides the sensor backbone of products that enables your end product to become a reality at Industrial level detection at a consumer price.

SPEC Sensors technology spectrum will cover 95% of the gases, ranging from Electro-Chemical (EC), Thermal Conductivity Detection MEMS, and Heated Metal Oxide gas sensing portfolio. This provides an immediate opportunity and engagement with key customers ranging from A to Z.

Some immediate customer's, providing SPEC's current revenue are end users such as Analog Devices, Philips, Intel, and Withings, to name a few. Outside of the US market and having technology access to global markets, both China and Europe is a huge opportunity and many ongoing qualifications. The EC estimate sales funnel for China alone exceeds $100million USD with many key potential customers. The European EC funnel and demand for these sensors exceed $30million USD.

Obtaining the access to a MEMS FAB and reel-to-reel flex manufacturing, will allow SPEC Sensors to drive towards miniaturization. With the Industrial gas market for Methane alone, SPEC can provide the TCD MEMs sensor with an access to 22million nodes in the US alone at a potential revenue of $30million USD at a 10-15% market share.

SPEC Sensors has the ability to be one of the premiere Sensor Hubs to provide a solid baseline to grow. SPEC Sensors has the Technology, Traction, Time to market, and 10X growth potential to meet the buyers need.

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