Wood products business for sale in Tartumaa, Estonia

Established birch products, birch components and firewood production facility in Estonia, EU.
The company has been on birch lumber and fire logs market for 10+ years and maintains a great growth potential.

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Fully equipped birch producer with plenty of land, energy supply and high-end equipment as well as professional know-how to produce and market birch and firewood products.
Main production lines are:
birch-based products for various industries world wide (birch sawn timber, edge-glued panels (EG-panel), birch components);
packaged, high-quality firewood (fire logs);
production of heat-treated parquet floorboard from solid wood.

Estonia is a high-growth, low-risk, low-cost European country that is logistically well located between large markets for both supply and sale.

A 0% corporate income tax makes investment-intensive business models highly efficient because corporate earnings are not directly taxed in Estonia.
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Asking Price

EUR 1 700 000

This is the price for assets

Reason for selling

The owner is seeking new opportunities and focusing on family affairs. When transfering the shares or assets the business owner provides full support and help in terms of providing essential information, business contacts and know-how.

Required buyer qualifications

We are seeking an equity investor who is specialized, but not limited to, in the fields of wood production and property management.

Alternatives for sale: 1) equity ownership (shares), 2) business assets (land, machinery and equipment, inventory)

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Tartumaa, EE


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