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    E-commerce business for sale in Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, California, United States

    This dropshipping e-commerce business was created in June 2016 in the baby/kid niche. The Shopify site features multiple winning products of various baby/kid products which are fulfilled by a third-party warehouse. This business has strong earnings, multiple winning products, and requires minimal work from the Seller (roughly 2 hours per day). Skills required by the new owner and Daily Work done: Checking Facebook ads and optimizing them if required. Answering VA questions if required. Paying vendors for orders, and answering any questions from vendors. Adding new products. This currently takes around 2 hours per day, (14 hours per week). This could be reduced if the ad side was outsourced, and the other tasks were given to a VA. Previous 4 months Profit March: $6,402 February: $ 2,923 January: $ 3,156 December: $ 2,875 Website Traffic March: 38,197 February: 15,980 January: 14,752 December: 12,506 Further information will be provided upon the signature of an NDA. | Asking price: $83,552

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