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Established in 2013, ExitAdviser is an online FSBO service that helps owners to plan, prepare, and execute the sale of their business. The service provides comprehensive tools to lead you - the owner - through a series of steps, making it easier to orchestrate the sale process yourself.

If you’re unfamiliar with placing ads on search engines, check out the services offered by business-selling sites like ExitAdviser, which include advertising credits and marketing guidance, as well as DIY tools that let you measure the readiness of your business for sale and estimate a value for your business, among other services.

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For Business Brokers: create and manage your business-for-sale listings with the online BrokerBoard™ platform.

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Orchestrating businesses for sale | Sheridan, WY

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Thank you for your interest in ExitAdviser™, an online service to prepare, appraise, and advertise a small business for sale. We do our best to keep the service reliable, responsive, and user-friendly. If you have questions that are not addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions section, or have a suggestion or comment, then please don't hesitate to contact me directly. Your feedback helps us to improve our services.

Armin Laidre at ExitAdviser

Armin Laidre
Managing Partner
ExitAdviser, LLC

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Going by a DIY route shall not mean that you are alone with the questions that may come up when preparing your business for sale. I'm your Account Manager in Ashburn , and my mission is to support you along your whole journey with us.

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Ryan Crow
Account Manager

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