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What the business does

A purchaser has the opportunity to acquire a helicopter agriculture business in the Gisborne region. Heartland Helicopters Limited (HHL) commenced in business in May 2009 providing general helicopter agriculture services (137 only) to the Gisborne and surrounding region. The business operates 2x Robinson 44 helicopters has experienced positive growth since commencement and has a stable client base. This allows the business to deliver consistent proprietor remuneration and profitability, especially in the last 3 years.
The focus of the company was targeting hill country cropping, forestry, thistles, scrub, gorse and blackberry.

Why the business is an attractive proposition to a buyer

The business originally started with a single Robinson 22 helicopter (ZK HRD), then shifted to a Robinson 44 (ZK-IEZ) from 2011, then commenced operating a second Robinson 44 (ZK-IBZ) from October 2013 to current. As the business is estimated to hold only 20-25% of the market share, to grow the customer base and still ensure the high quality of service is being still provided to its customers, it is at the stage it needs to expand its fleet, into either a Turbine machine or another R44. With the growth estimated within the Gisborne region forestry industry this would be an excellent target market.

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Reason for selling

While the business has only been operating for 8 years, Warrick, having co-started and sold another successful helicopter company within the area, has been working in the helicopter ag industry for 22 years and would like to purse an exciting opportunity within the horticulture industry.

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Gisborne, NZ


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