Fitness business for sale in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

What the business does

Sells custom kettlebells that have animal designs on them. ZOOBELLS operates in the exercise equipment sector.

Why the business is an attractive proposition to a buyer

ZOOBELLS has seen 5% growth each year in sales and with the right new ownership, could easily grow this to 3x the size. Kettlebell training has become increasingly more popular each year and will continue to do so as people ditch steady state cardio for interval training. ZOOBELLS is one of only a few companies doing kettlebells with designs on them and with the right marketing can gain a large share of the market.

Asking Price


Asking price is determined from financial facts as well as the IP of the patterns. We estimate it would cost a person new to the market $24,000 to prototype all the molds we have.

Key financial facts and forecast

The net profit shown here for 2015 is what we would have made had we not spent all the profits on prototyping the rest of the kettlebells. Every dollar of profit went back in to designing new kettlebells.

Reason for selling

Owners other businesses are demanding more attention and has decided to direct more focus there.

Required buyer qualifications

Buyer must secure financing.

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Last update: 11/21/2016 3:26:39 PM

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, US


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