Wholesale business for sale in Southport, Queensland, Australia

The Business imports and sells e-cigarettes and associated products domestically

The Business continues to grow from personal and internet sales with limited promotional activities

Asking Price


Expressions of interest are requested

Reason for selling

The Owners did not expect the level of growth of the business and, now in their mid-70s, the owners wish to retire and sell the business to new Owners with the energy to fully realise the growth potential

Required buyer qualifications

Ray Hille has been a lifetime smoker, like most, he has successfully stopped smoking and then returned to the habit enabling Ray to understand the needs of his customers and to empathise with their goals. A new Owner may benefit from a similar background and prior experience in selling may also be advantageous, Ray's business background is in building

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Last update: 11/12/2015 12:08:02 AM

Southport, Queensland, AU

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